FLASHBK is the ideal solution for every installer


Cleans perfectly even in poor working conditions


Speeds up the cleaning process


It is economical, practical and easy to use


Greatly reduces cleaning time of parts to be welded


Enables quick and precise intervention even in difficult situations (capillaries, blind welds, etc.).


Allows you to operate in total safety


Ensures an absolute lack of product waste

Useful for installers and maintainers, FlashBK is used in plant repair processes, covering the following market segments:


Repair of civil and commercial refrigeration components and systems

Repair of refrigeration systems ranges from domestic refrigerators and splits to large complexes (systems and machines in the food refrigeration industry).

Performing a repair on already functioning systems involves a considerable set of problems to be solved at the outset. Whether it is a broken pipe or a component that needs to be replaced, repairs often take place on site, on parts that cannot be disassembled and in places that are inconvenient to reach with a blowtorch. In these cases, the risk that the repair will not succeed perfectly is very high.

Now more than ever, with the spread of refrigeration systems made with carbon dioxide, it is imperative that welds be done properly because of the pressures the systems are subjected to (over 95 bar).


Repair of sanitary facilities for the passage of medical gases

Repair of devices for pharmacological actions and medical devices whose mechanism of action is physical-mechanical.

Performing welds on medical gas installations is extremely delicate, especially because of the implications that may arise from a sanitary point of view. In these cases, a perfect seal of the welds and the absence of cleaning residues that can pollute medical gases and cause serious injury to the health of patients is necessary.

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